Who We Are

Southlake Equity Group is a private investment firm that makes equity and debt investments in American middle market companies in manufacturing, distribution and service industries. We believe in the ingenuity, innovation and productivity of the American entrepreneur, business manager and worker, and we back that belief with patient, non-institutional capital that helps companies grow and become industry leaders.

What We Do

We partner with management teams to build industry-leading companies, taking the time and deploying the capital to get the job done right. We develop a long-term strategy for each business, supported by detailed implementation plans, and we stay deeply engaged along the way, adjusting to changing business and market conditions. Our approach helps build trust in each other and a shared commitment to building extraordinary businesses.

Why We're Different

We invest our own capital in partnership with some of America’s leading entrepreneurial families. We understand the hard work and exhilaration that come with building extraordinary businesses. We avoid business jargon and bureaucratic decision-making and instead focus on developing and implementing data-driven, long-term strategic plans for each company. Our experience and values form the basis for honest and results-oriented, long-term partnerships with the management teams we are fortunate enough to work with.